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ObamaCare vs Tax Credits

March 1, 2017

Rich get richer


The idea of a healthy America is not only noble, it should be basic to one people, united, and indivisible. Are we together in this American dream or not? The Affordable Care Act was the first step in assuring that American dream.

Healthy people make better employees, neighbors, parents, grandparents, and children. A healthy child makes parents better employees. The same applies to healthy parents. Sick people require more attention, both physical and mental. Sick people cost more to maintain. Health care includes prevention, early detection, and immediate aid. Prevention, early detection and immediate aid are less expensive to provide than the consequences of very sick people. Without health care everyone will sooner or later be very sick. Sick children do not benefit proportionately from schools and educational processes.

For rich people; why wouldn’t they want a healthy America? A healthy America provides better employees (fewer sick days and a more attentive work force). The cost of providing health care for non-employees is less than the consequences of sick people affecting the work force. Sick people and their family members cannot participate in economic activities. Think of rich people as job creators and producers of goods and services. Is it not in their best interest to have a healthy and vibrant population participating in the market place?

For our senior citizens; is it right to cast them aside? No! They paid their dues. Many served in the military, mined coal, built cars, developed software, and maintained the infra-structure that built the economy we enjoy today. They deserve all the care we can give them.

For poor people; just ask yourself, are they Americans? Of course, and poor health correlates closely to low economic advantage. Provide complete health care to poor people and the quality of the work force will improve immediately. If you want more and better employees, build a better pool to draw from. Healthy poor people will also benefit from education and improve the work force even more.


Access to healthcare is not having healthcare. Everyone has access to a brand new Cadillac. We can all go to auto row, talk to a salesman, and take a test drive. Only a few can afford to drive one off the lot. Access to health care does not provide prevention, early detection, drugs, or care for anybody if they cannot afford to buy it. What’s different, what’s the same? Everyone buying a Cadillac would benefit General Motors, but it wouldn’t improve the health and education of America as would healthcare. Everyone driving a Cadillac wouldn’t build a better work force, and senior citizens would still have to decide between food, drugs and care they need. Access to a Cadillac is good, but only universal coverage is good enough for healthcare.

Paying for healthcare with tax credits is a hoax. It immediately eliminates too many Americans. It’s also a hoax from a mathematical standpoint. Do the math and follow the example. Assume that under the current tax code the government collects $1,000. From that pool of dollars the government pays out $50 to supplement heath care for Americans. Now, one of our brainstorms from congress decides to pay for health care by providing tax credits. The result? Now, the government collects $950, rich people get to keep $50 (tax credit), and guess who loses their health care. The government gains nothing, rich people get richer, and poor people die in the streets. Are we in this together, or not?

Trump and the courts

In response to the courts’ actions restricting the immigration travel ban Trump said, if something happens, blame him or the court system.

Really? If something happens? Something happens every minute of every day.

Does he seriously believe that if an American commits a crime, the judge should shoulder the blame if the criminal follows the Muslim faith. Maybe he meant that if one of the millions of Muslims in America commits a crime, the judicial system should be condemned. Based on some of his other rants that could be what he believes. Even if one of the new Muslim immigrants commits a crime, which sooner or later is inevitable, does America want to condemn the entire process? Does Trump believe that none of the previous immigrants, Irish, German, Italian etc. never committed a crime upon entering the country.

America has always been stronger and better for all our immigrants.

What if something happens? What if that “something” is a new patent for a machine that will protect America, or a medical discovery that will help cure cancer, or for that matter, perhaps just a family that goes to work every day, supports the community, and pays taxes. And what if those people belong to the Muslim faith? Is all forgiven?

They use racism to condemn the general population from deeds of individuals from that population. Racists don’t accept the general population despite specific flattering deeds. You can always identify the racists when they utter their favorite citation “they’re okay as individuals, but as a group, they’re unacceptable.”

P.S. Who let Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh, and Dylann Roof into the country?


“1984” is not a year during the Reagan Administration. Unfortunately, Trump supporters never read it or heard of it. We should each try to get one trump supporter to read it. Now that’s a challenge.

Kellyanne understands the terms “doublethink”, “Newspeak”, “2 +2 = 5”, and “memory hole.” Did she get the concepts from the novel, or was Orwell that prophetic? Trump openly admits that the media is the real opposition party, he has tried to censure scientists, and governmental agencies. He hires actors to cheer for him. “Alternate facts” are the cornerstones of Trumps surrogates and it seems almost natural that they lifted the concept from Orwell. Watch for “thoughtcrimes”, “thought police”, and “Big Brother”.

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